EcoMobility 2013 Suwon congress

One neighborhood,
one month,
no cars

EcoMobility: Living in Harmony with nature?


Korean channel Arirang broadcasted an interview with Creative Director of Festival, 5th September. [more]

Suwon Congress concluded with mayors’ commitment to greening and humanizing urban mobility


Suwon, South Korea - Giving public spaces back to citizens and providing them with green, active and integrated ecomobile transport options were the main message drawn at the EcoMobility 2013 Suwon Congress. [more]

EcoMobility Youth Session: get inspired!


Over 200 delegates facilitated by international experts presented a Youth Declaration on EcoMobility. [more]

Mayors highlighted challenges of ecomobility in cities


Mayors from diverse regions were in Suwon to explore the possibilities and challenges of implementing a truly ecomobile city. [more]

EcoMobility: moving back to the basics?


While sustainability advocates struggle to market the idea of ecomobility to cities, transport experts and engineers on the ground said what urban planners are missing is often the basic question of “whose mobility”. [more]

“Suwon 2013 EcoMobility Impulse” attracted attention


The Suwon 2013 EcoMobility Impulse - a key document capturing the visions and essence of EcoMobility developed by ICLEI, attracted wide interest and was well received by ecomobile experts and pioneers. [more]

EcoMobility 2013 congress opened with joint EcoMobility World Festival ceremony


Sunday, September 1, the newly paved streets of Haenggung-dong were debuted in style. The day after, a host of around 500 international congress participants packed the pavilion as they assembled for the Opening Plenary session. [more]