EcoMobility 2013 Suwon congress

One neighborhood,
one month,
no cars

EcoMobility 2013 Congress Speakers

Gil Peñalosa (8-80 Cities), keynote speaker with a breadth of experience in sustainable mobility, opened the congress.

Heiner Monheim (Trier, Germany), transport scientist, geographer, and professor at the University of Trier, whose areas of expertise include spatial urban planning, traffic calming, and regional and national traffic planning.

Speakers included Professor Jason Chang National Taiwan University, Robert Stüssi Perform Energy, Erik Nyborg NordicCab, Hiroki Nakamura Kyushu University, Lloyd Wright ADB, Bradley Shroeder ADB, Manfred Breithaupt GIZ, Mayor Professor Dr. Martin Haag City of Freiburg, Wilfried Nünthel Berlin–Lichtenberg, Carlosfelipe Pardo Despacio, Naureen Kabir New Cities Foundation.

Mayors and city officials were invited from cities including Copenhagen, Berlin, London, Paris, Melbourne, Bonn, Hangzhou, Freiburg, Johannesburg, Münster, Almada, Lisbon, Bogota, Curitiba, Portland, Boulder, Stuttgart, Vancouver, San Francisco, Vienna, Perth, Tokyo, Sydney, Kaohsiung, Canberra, Delhi, Chennai, Budapest, Singapore, Mumbai, etc.

Yeom, Tae-Young, Mayor of Suwon

Yeom Tae-Young, Mayor of the host city Suwon

Speakers from international and governmental organizations such as GIZ, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNHABITAT, UNESCAP, UNDESA, MoUD – India, were present.

Leading organizations such as Clean Air Asia, Clean Air Institute, UITP, ITDP, WRI – EMBARQ, SloCAT, ITF - OECD, IEA, ECF, KOTI, and research Institutions such as MIT, UC Berkeley, London School of Economics (LSE), ITS – Leeds, CEPT India, IIT – Delhi, Curtin University were invited partners.

Business and commercial entities were present at the congress and actively took part in the discussions and greatly benefited from the marketplace.

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