EcoMobility 2013 Suwon congress

One neighborhood,
one month,
no cars

Suwon: the place for Transport Experts to be

Suwon’s climate protection goal is a CO2 reduction of 40% from 2005 levels by 2030, exceeding all national targets. The city has announced its commitment to greenhouse gas reductions, domestically and externally, by declaring Suwon the “environmental capital”, a low-carbon city fighting climate change.

Suwon is pursuing an urban policy that is harmonious with the environment and focuses on community culture. Projects like the citizen-driven Urban Planning 2030, the Village Renaissance project, and the Low Carbon Green City project has all of our citizens engaged. 

The EcoMobility 2013 Suwon was the melting pot for ideas, thoughts, decisions, and discussions in urban mobility. Decision makers, mobility experts, practitioners, and everyday transport users came together to share their experiences and experiments.

Suwon plans to create a people-oriented green city, a city that uses communication and participation to create the foremost environmental capital of Northeast Asia, fully committed to a green and eco-friendly spirit.

The Mayor of Suwon

Yeom, Tae-Young, Mayor of the host city, played a leading role in hosting the EcoMobility Congress and World Festival 2013 in Suwon.

With his background in environmental activism, Mayor Yeom strives to make Suwon a ‘Human City’ that welcomes people. In addition, he is the Global Executive Representative of East Asia in ICLEI. 

Read the interview with Mayor Yeom of Suwon on the EcoMobility World Festival.