EcoMobility 2013 Suwon congress

One neighborhood,
one month,
no cars

Ecomobility 2013 Suwon Congress Report - Now Available!

The EcoMobility 2013 Suwon Congress Report is now available online!

The EcoMobility 2013 Suwon Congress, held on 1-4 September in Suwon, Republic of Korea, had an excellent international turnout. Held in the remarkable setting of Suwon's EcoMobility World Festival project, during which the streets of a selected neighborhood were reimagined and revitalized with active modes of transportation, the congress was the perfect forum for discussing EcoMobility in action. For highlights of September's EcoMobility 2013 Suwon Congress, read the congress report, available here.

EcoMobility Congress Highlights!

EcoMobility 2013 Suwon was the perfect platform for gaining knowledge about the latest developments in sustainable transportation. Innovative minds and committed leaders in EcoMobility came together at the EcoMobility 2013 Congress in Suwon and discusses and demonstrated the importance of creating cities and spaces for people.

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“Suwon 2013 EcoMobility Impulse” attracts attention!
The Suwon 2013 EcoMobility Impulse - a key document capturing the visions and essence of EcoMobility developed by ICLEI, attracted wide interest and was well received by ecomobile experts and pioneers... Find out more!

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